Meaning for Goshin Kai Karate Do

The Name GOSHIN KAI is formed from the names of Two Karate Schools; Goshin Ryu & Budo Kai, where Master.P.M.Velu was trained from.


Budo "kai" Karate Training School, Chennai


GOSHIN KAI - "Goshin" from Goshin Ryu & "Kai" from "Budo Kai" forms "Goshin Kai"

Renshi.Mr.Tony Ponniah's

"Goshin" Ryu Karate Training School, Chennai

HISTORY of Master. P.M. VELU


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        Very few people in life, who have great respect towards respective mothers will affix their mother name as intial…. Yes its true with Master P. M.Velu, since measuring his mother as uncomparible. Again hats of to him, because he shortened his name to Velu even though kept as Velayudam by his parents, Reason behind is his Master Renshi(Dr.R.V.T MANI) used to call him always as Velu…….it clearly indicates great respect adhered to our old traditional tamil saying accepted by the Master P M Velu.

Early life

Born to daily wage workers in a small hamlet (Araivakkam)Tiruvallur district Tamilnadu in the year oct 1960, due to the massive financial constrains, he stopped his school education while studying 5t std in a small tamilnadu govt school. And joined as maid servant initially with Renshi Dr.R .V.T. Mani ( Alias karate Mani), then turned as office boy in the institute named –karate institute Budokai school, which is owned by Renshi..Dr. R.V.T. Mani at Chennai in the year 1969. Remained in the same profile till 1980.

Attained BrownBelt with him with in a span of 10years,,only by watching his master steps, not by practice. This has been the root cause for accommodating and accepting Master P.M.Velu as his student of Karate the only reason is his addiction, discipline and thirst for karate. He quitted Renshi Dr R.V.T.Mani institute, and joined with Malay.. Renshi Mr. Tony Ponniah.. Academy runned in the name as Goshin Ryu karate training school Chennai in the year 1981. as BrownBelt, later on the rigorous training inhaled By him , at delhi with Mr. Srikumar for almost a year and heavy return to Coimbatore as head of their Goshin Ryu Karate unit fetched him BLACKBELT,( style adopted shitorio) the First person to receive in the entire district of Coimbatore. journey with Renshi.Mr. Tony Ponniah ended in the year 1981.

Martial arts career

Master Velu began teaching martial arts in mettupalayam ( Coimbatore –dt) under the banner of Goshin Kai school –derived from his two masters names of the institute. Even though Renshi Dr.R.V.T.Mani, accommodated him as his student, it's the only addiction, discipline, thirst and martial skills, and all the memory of his master steps ( Dr Mani) equipped and engineered him as a outstanding karate personality in the name titled to him as Master. He always kept one thing in mind is that karate being our traditional art of Tamilnadu Soil, and it should not get vanished, thus he preached karate rather than teaching it. And till 2012 he was holding a degree of 6th DAN Black Belt from Sensei Dr.HanshiTton Oonley 10th DAN Japan.Aand also highly successful in all 4 major and pioneer styles of karate. Namely, SHOTOKAN, SHITO RYU ,GOJU RYU, WADO RYU.( Mantras of karate)

Master as Career

        Began as a Master in teaching and preaching karate in the name of his own institute named Goshi kai karate training school in mettupalayam ( coimbatore dt) In the year 1985. And till now his karate Trainer journey remains active……with a huge mass of his students enrolled to 2500 till now To his Valuable Credits & Merits.


         P. M. Velu is best known as a master in martial arts, because he learned karate from his very 1st master (Renshi Dr.R.V.T.Mani) by mere just watching the moments adopted,Followed by his 2nd Master (Renshi .Mr.Tony Ponniah) innovated and implemented in total. And he has the power of translating the two masters powerful styles with any body at any moment of given time. ( because his mind and body are adopted to karate)


         Trained in all 4 major styles in karate such as Shotokan,Goju Ryu,Shito Ryu, Wado Ryu and a Special Weapon Training in Kobudo and emerged as outstanding champion in Martial arts in all levels.

        PM VELU ( founder of karate education in tamilnadu sports university Chennai ) Introduced by yoga legend Dr.V.R.Arivazaghan phd ( INDIAN INSTITUTE OF YOGA, Kovai) helped him to place a proposal request of incorporating karate as part of education in Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University in the year 2008 to Dr. Tirumalai swamy (VC) and later on accepted and announced by Dr. K. Vaidya Nathan (VC) in the year 2010 which featured in all leading Tamil Magazines.

Introducing Diploma in Karate - First time in India ( Tamilnadu Physical Education & Sports University, Chennai)

With the efforts of Master P.M.Velu, Karate has been embedded as Certified course, Diploma Course and P.G Course with a strong syllabus in Tamilnadu Sports University, Chennai. (Petition made in 2008, approved on 2010, First Diploma course inaugurated on 2010-2011 at Mettupalayam and the Convacation of first batch of Diploma Students held on 22.07.2012 at Coimbatore)

Karate for Female Self defence and compulsory education for all Schools in Tamilnadu

He is the one who sent a petition to make karate as compulsory training across all schools of tamilnadu under the approval of Puratchi Thalavi AMMA ( the honourable tamilnadu chief minister). We can received the Acceptancce Letter ( Karate will be implemented shortly in schools all over Tamilnadu as per Govt. Budget Announcement - Vide DSE Rc No.54922/M/14 dt. 21.07.2014 )


        With the 40 Years Experience, Master.P.M.Velu says Karate is 12th System in our body, because by learning karate, one yield Discipline, Humbleness, Faith, Devotion … which will change a individual into kind person in all means and determining the factor that mind is soft and body is strong... it pocess all the 5 angel powers and can be inhaled and experimented as and in karate .